Welcome to Tee Pee Treats Indigenous Cuisine.  We are a fully licensed and insured Catering Company in Edmonton, Alberta. We serve contemporary foods infused with bannock dishes made from the heart and soul. We cater to events, birthdays, weddings, conferences and gatherings. We are now open for takeout and delivery. We are extremely blessed to be able to bring our foods cooked in a fully licensed commercial kitchen onto your dinner tables at home.

Tee Pee Treats started as a dream to become a fully licensed restaurant and we are currently working towards that dream. We strive for success and our customers come first. With 11 years experience in perfecting the craft of making bannock and a lifetime of cooking skills we are excited to give you indigenous eats made with love. 


"I started Tee Pee Treats because I wanted a food service that represents our people in Edmonton, Alberta as there is a lack of representation in the food industry. We are a 100% Indigenous owned and operated company and our goal is to get quality food to customers of all walks of life and to Give Back to our people. Tee Pee Treats has been 11 years in the making. I started off selling bannock out of my backpack in 2011at Pow Wows in the Edmonton area. Our future long term goal is to have a restaurant built as tipis all across the globe where people can come dine in and enjoy Indigenous music and watch our cooks prepare meals right in front of their eyes. I want people to come not only for the food but to gain knowledge of our people and for the experience of it all. " Curtis Cardinal"


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